We are YOUR “waste management division.”


The importance of environmental problems such as waste and recycling management are being raised as one of the strong factors that should be included in the companies CSR. It is essential to acknowledge the current situation of waste disposing cost of your company and also to include a high-quality recycling flow. However, to carry out these activities, a professional knowledge is needed. We, satisfactory International have a long history of working in the waste management and recycling field. With our specialized knowledge and experience, we promise you with the best solution for any kind of environmental problems that the client holds.

4 main services by the “waste management division”. (Our 4 main services)

Centralized Waste Management
cCost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Recycling Support

We have a long history of building up a good relationship with approximately 2000 Waste collection & transportation companies / waste disposal companies.
We provide service all over Japan.

Satisfactory International has been offering services to approximately 8300 clients, which mostly has stores nationwide. It is difficult to centralize the management of Waste collection & transportation companies/ waste disposal companies due to the region permitting system however, we have approximately 2000 Waste collection & transportation companies / Waste disposal companies under contract, so we are able to offer a nationwide service.