Are there any capital ties or alliance with waste disposal company?

We do not have any kind of capital ties or alliance with waste disposal company”
Our characteristic is to provide service by becoming the clients’ “Waste Management division” without any alliance with a particular disposal company.
Due to the conflict of interest between clients and waste disposal companies, we cannot play as a management company with a duty of diligence if we have any alliance with a waste disposing company. Discharger responsibility is determined because inappropriate treatment did not decrease when all disposing was entrusted to waste disposing company. Since it has been documented in the waste management law, entrusting waste management to the management companies and consulting companies with a connection with waste disposing companies may lead to a high risk of not fulfilling the discharger responsibility.

Why is it that your company does not start waste disposing business yourself?

Holding a permission of the waste collection and transportation and also providing service as a management company can be considered as a re-commissionment which is prohibited in waste management law.
In addition, waste disposal companies and waste dischargers are in a conflict of interest relationship, so as a waste management company under the duty of diligence, we do not provide waste collection & disposal service.

How can we choose the waste management company?

Management companies could be categorized into three genres. Each has a different characteristic. If in any need of a waste management company, please check the functional difference beforehand.1. Management companies which hold ties (capital relationship, partnership etc) with waste dealers.


・It is possible to have a relatively flexible negotiations in terms of price.


・There is a possibility that the management company holds a position of “Waste disposal company side” and not the “waste discharger side”.
・Due to the limited area of management, there is a possibility that an extensive management cannot be entrusted.

2. Management companies that provide waste management service as a part of store maintenance such as cleaning

=Merit =

・If they are expanding to a wide area, there is a possibility that they can deal with waste disposal companies nationwide.
・In order to match up with other services, it is possible to a have a relatively flexible negotiations in terms of price.


・ Due to the strong regional characteristic and expertise in waste management, there is a possibility of getting into trouble if lacking understanding.
・In order to match with other services, aspects of office work agency are stronger than management service.
・In order to match with other services, each of the service cost is likely to be ambiguous.

3. Management companies operated by a consulting firm


・It is possible to deal with the waste disposal companies nationwide. Partially or overall management is possible.
・With a professional knowledge of waste management, it is possible for the management company to provide regionally corresponded tailored services for the clients



Is it possible not to manage without changing the current disposal company?

Basically, we provide management by the premise of continued contract with the current waste disposal company that the clients are using. Waste management industry has a specialized and regional characteristics which makes management of waste disposal companies difficult. However, because we have over 2000 contracts with the waste disposal company nationwide, we can provide service that is regionally customized, which prevents clients from going through trouble.However, there are possibilities of switching waste disposal companies after consultation with our client. The situations are the following
・If the client already has a contract with a waste management company
・If some problems were found out in the attribute investigation
・In a situation when the waste disposal company does not accept waste management company
・When the waste disposal price is inappropriate and the client wishes for a change. etc.

Is it possible to ask for consulting other than waste management, like cleaning?

Since we are conducting a management and consulting service tailored to our clients needs,
it is possible to offer a service that is not related to waste management such as cleaning.
However, even though we specialize in waste, we believe that our current service is not enough due to the waste management law (different rules in each administration, the regional custom is truly complex) that changes constantly. Thus, current service that we can provide outside of waste management is to act as a billing agency for cleaning.

Are there any areas that the service is not covered?

We do not have any alliance with a particular waste disposal company, so it is possible to offer our service in every region. Mainly we have been dealing with companies that have several stores on a nationwide scale. There are many management cases of nationwide management.In the case of a non contracted region, we visit the regional administration and waste disposal companies to acknowledge the regional rules and customs so to be able to arrange and manage waste disposing. (There are no particular concerns)

There are management companies that offer service for free, is that possible in your case?

Free handling charge for waste management is impossible.
If you received such suggestions, there are possibilities like, the handling charge is included in the waste disposal cost, or the waste disposal company is paying a handling charge or the lack of management service is likely. We recommend that you investigate the reason why there is no handling charge.

There are management companies that can calculate the estimate without going to the waste disposing place, is that possible in your case?

In general, we do not submit an estimate.
Except in cases where there is a request of estimates, we would conduct a survey and submit.
We analyze the appropriate disposal amount by field survey and our database to submit an estimate that is based on numerical evidence.
Negotiating disposal price without going to the place where the garbage is discharged and not knowing the actual amount of waste can lead to trouble.

Is it true that it is not suitable to put a bid on waste centralized management? And why is it?

Waste management industry has a specialized and regional characteristics, which is difficult to standardize. In order to perform a proper centralized waste management, it is necessary to examine carefully about the management contents. Biding is a temporary contract. This temporary biding is not appropriate for centralized waste management (especially of regular waste collection) because waste collection and transporting companies cannot flexibly change its collection conditions. If you do not approve the change of conditions due to the contract which resulted in interfering with the proper disposal, the discharger should take responsibility for the occurrence.

Is it possible to ask for an advise on food recycling?

We provide the best solution for the clients approach on food recycling law by examining the current situation and reference value and also selecting the specific food reduction method
Please feel free to contact us.